Sports Massage

Sports Massage
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Sports Massage Therapy

For the athlete who wants to recover faster, hit the ball further, throw longer, kick harder, or lift more all with less pain, sports massage is for you.

Sports massage is designed for the professional to novice athlete to the weekend warrior.  A thorough assessment of every athlete at every session provides our team with the necessary information to develop a successful and individual treatment plan.

Individual assessments include:

Client discussion – we take the time to sit down and learn about each client, their history, cause of their pain/discomfort, daily activities and expectations.

Postural analysis – multiple views of each client’s posture (how a person supports themselves while standing and sitting) are documented and compared to proper postural models.

Active Range of Motion/Functional Movement – clients are taken through various movements, both general and in relation to their sport to determine limitations, pain activators and mobility.

Tests of Exclusion – also known as orthopedic testing.  Tests used to further determine or exclude causes of pain/discomfort.

We do not claim to be physical therapists nor orthopedic specialists, however, use of these tests help us to further isolate the cause of your pain and determine whether our services would be beneficial in each case.

Referral – if we do not believe that our services would be a viable option or you have obtained a maximum level of improvement from what we can provide, we will not hesitate to refer our clients to another healthcare professional.