SASTM® – Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization


Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization

SASTM® – Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is an advanced technology that magnifies what the therapist’s hands feel. SASTM tools give our therapists a mechanical advantage to treat the cause of soft tissue dysfunction more effectively, whether it be due to excessive adhesions, scar tissue (post surgery/injury), lack of blood flow or decreased range of motion.

There are other tools out in the market, but the polymer that the SASTM tools are created out of allows for a more effective treatment with less pressure, less discomfort to both the client and the therapist.

SASTM is an included service at N Balance. Unless specifically requested by the client, we use SASTM as part of the whole-body treatment, rather than it being the only method utilized.  There is no additional service fee for SASTM, it is included in all services if indicated or requested.