MLD Massage

MLD (Manual Lymphatic Drainage) is a specialized technique utilizing advanced knowledge of the intricate lymphatic system (the body’s natural waste process) and gentle manipulation to encourage and restore proper lymph flow.

This technique is recommended for clients with excessive swelling due to genetic disorders, injury, cancer treatment, pregnancy, or surgery.

MLD is often recommended by plastic surgeons after cosmetic procedures to improve and accelerate recovery. Speak to your Dr. and ask if they recommend MLD after your procedure.

As with all N Balance sessions, your therapist will take time to listen, review your history, and thoroughly assess your posture and movement in order to better determine how to approach your treatment.
Please Note:  results from MLD are rarely seen in a single visit.  It typically takes 4-6 sessions to obtain noticeable improvement.  After your initial session, your therapist will make a recommendation as to how many sessions may be needed. Consider taking advantage of our discounted packages when scheduling additional MLD sessions.

Lymphatic system highlighted