About N Balance Medical Massage Therapy

Our expertise comes from experience.

No revolving door of therapists here.  With over 40 years of combined experience, the therapists at N Balance Medical Massage Therapy are highly trained, educated and experienced to provide an exceptional medical and sports massage experience.  From the moment you walk into our office you immediately know that we are not a “spa,” you have entered a place of therapy, a place of balance.  EVERY session begins with a thorough assessment and posture analysis.  We take the time to listen to you and attempt to determine where the cause of your pain and discomfort are coming from.  Using posture analysis and active range of motion we allow your body to reveal to us areas of imbalance that may be the root cause of your pain.  We utilize a copywritten full body protocol that was 30 years in the making to treat and restore balance to your body.

If additional tools are needed, such as oils, ice/heat, cupping, SASTM, Hypervolt…etc. then we implement them at no extra cost.

Here at N Balance Medical Massage Therapy, it’s about you, our clients.  Our therapists continually strive to provide an exceptional experience by continuing their education and working together as a team.  We are not doctors, we are not physical therapists nor chiropractors. We will gladly work together with your medical professionals to find the best course of care for your discomfort.  We look forward to helping you achieve total body balance.

Meet Our Team

Angel Hammering


I have been in practice since 1997, graduated from Physician’s Institute of Therapeutic Massage.  I always knew that I wanted to work in physical medicine so I trained in Neuromuscular Massage Therapy with Paul St. John, founder of Neuromuscular Massage Therapy.  I’ve completed thousands of hours in continuing education with the primary focus on medical and sports massage therapy education and techniques.  I have now been provided the opportunity to expand from my independent practice and surround myself with talented like-minded massage therapists.  I’m excited to share my experience, education and training with my team as we work together to provide exceptional and quality care.  Experience/Training: St. John’s Method of Neuromuscular Massage, Neurosomatic Therapies, Graston, Cupping, Titleist Performance Institute Level 2 TPI Certified 2)   SFMA Certified

License: NV #NVMT1899

tpi certified badge

Francisco H.

After completing my career with the Marine Corps, I decided to begin a career that provided a slower pace and allowed me to help others. I was in a severe car accident in 2015 and was was finding no relief to my pain. I was referred for medical massage but was disappointed in the results. Through previous experience with medical massage, I knew that there was so much more that could be offered.  I wanted to be a part of that change here in the Valley.

I graduated from Cortiva School of Massage Therapy in 2017 with successful completion of their Master Bodyworker Program. I began working with N Balance Medical Massage immediately after graduation and I enjoy the challenges that come daily with with each client. I enjoy using techniques such as muscle energy techniques, PNF, hypervolt, cranial sacral, and TMJD specific protocols. I have recently certified with the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) in their Level 2, assessment tools specific to Golfers to help improve their game and reduce discomfort and pain. I have successfully worked on novice to professional athletes, post hip/knee replacements, carpal tunnel syndrome, Sciatica, and migraine headaches…. to name a few. When I’m not working, I enjoy baseball, tennis, long distance shooting, and gaming…FPS games, Assassin’s Creed series are currently at the top of my list right now. And don’t get me started talking about pets or tattoos/art work.

License: NV #NVMT#9175

tpi certified badge

Makayla J.

My time in the Army gave me the opportunity to experience the potential in being a full time soldier and being part of the dental field, however I quickly realized neither were right for me. My mind would periodically go back to massage therapy, as I would remember how I used to help my parents relax after a long day of work with an amateurish back rub. One day I decided to stop brushing it off as if it wasn’t a favorable option and enrolled at Northwest Career College. Since graduating I have found my passion in medical and sports massage therapy. A spa setting was just not where I felt I belong. The challenge of continuous learning to help those in pain has driven me to pursue more. Working at N Balance Medical Massage Therapy is providing me with the opportunity, training and expectations to provide the best care I can and be a leader in this field. I look forward to helping you find better postural balance and overall better health through medical massage. Outside of work, I love going for walks or being home with my cats and playing video games.

License: NV #NVMT10821

Ashley Cruz

Because of my 15 years of dance experience, and multiple injuries, I was introduced to massage & other forms of body work. I pursued dance as a career, but I realized it was not meant to be. However, I still wanted to help dancers & athletes, so I decided to go to massage school. After graduating from Northwest Career College, my first experience was in a spa setting. I quickly realized I was more drawn to the medical side of massage. I then continued my education by getting certified in Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST). Working at N Balance has provided the opportunity to continue learning and working with different clients, to help them find balance in their bodies and their everyday lives. Outside of work I like to dance salsa & ballet, be with family & friends, and go on walks with my dog, Indy.

License: NV #NVMT10734


Through years of exploring different career fields and different interests, I discovered my passion for yoga and Reiki. After becoming certified in these practices, I was set on my path and my career. Yet I kept getting the message that I could go deeper with my clients and help them go even deeper in their healing. I didn’t know what that meant until I received my first professional massage. That was when it all finally clicked for me, I signed up for school and quickly realized my passion and natural talent for massage therapy. I found it to be the perfect bridge to connect the mind, body, and soul and provide much-needed balance. I am a certified Reiki master and also hold certifications in The Spurgeon Methodᵀᴹ  of breast massage. Outside of work I love to draw, do yoga, and spend time with my birds and dogs.


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