Comprehensive Medical Massage Therapy
Built on Experience and Service

Medical Massage Services in the Greater Las Vegas Area

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Medical Massage therapy focuses on a specific therapeutic outcome. Evaluating posture and movement, we provide therapy to relieve pain, improve range of motion, and increase healing.

Sports Massage

Sports massage offers targeted therapy to speed recovery, improve performance, and increase range of motion. Sports massage can be invaluable to professional athletes and weekend warriors alike.


SASTM or Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization is an advanced technique using tools that provide a more focused approach to treating scar tissue and adhesions.  SASTM is an included service at N Balance.

Cupping Massage Therapy

Cupping therapy is an ancient therapy that uses suction to improve circulation and range of motion, and decrease sensitivity. Cupping is an included service at N Balance.

Hypervolt message therapy

Hypervolt® produced by Hyperice® is a medical percussion massage tool that helps relieve pain and sore muscles. It helps to improve range of motion and circulation for faster healing.  Hypervolt® is an included service at N Balance.


As muscles are treated, stretching is imperative to restore proper range of motion, improve function, reduce soreness and speed recovery. Stretching is a part of EVERY session, not a separate service at N Balance.

TMJ Jaw Pain

TMJ Massage is an advanced technique focusing on multiple issues of the jaw.  This delicate technique involves both external and internal massage techniques to help reduce swelling, clicking and pain in the jaw.  This service is an included service at N Balance when indicated.

Accidents and injuries can have a long lasting impact on your health and mobility. Medical massage helps speed up recovery and restore function and range of motion to get you back to your normal routine faster.  Liens accepted.

1. Pre natal Massage 2. Children’s Massage 3. Focused Hands and Feet 4. Traditional Full Body Massage

Additional Services

  • Pre natal Massage
  • Children’s Massage
  • Focused Hands and Feet
  • Traditional Full Body Massage

N Balance Google Reviews

  • Being a new comer to physical therapy relief “massages” my experience has been excellent. Booked an appointment online walked in & was greeted by the friendly owner and staff member who ended being my masseuse. You get 15 or 20% off the first massage which is awesome and massages are fair priced IMO. Fast and easy assessment before each massage, they listen to how your body’s feeling and what you need, then focus on those areas. My masseuse Makayla has magic hands, she’s amazing at her craft and won’t disappoint!!! At the end of each massage I feel sooo relaxed like I’m floating on a runners high walking out outta there. Honestly, feel like a new man! Wish I started a path of physical relief therapy sooner! Now I frequent this location1-2 time a month. The discount for the first one alone is worth a try! I’d highly recommend this place and will continue to support amazing healers!

    Tevita Nelson Avatar
    Tevita N.
  • Every visit I have, I leave feeling healed and refreshed! The staff is knowledgeable, professional and unbelievably friendly! You won’t regret it! Call them NOW!

    Amy Miller Avatar
    Amy M.
  • Linda Thompson Avatar
    Linda T.
  • Shanetta Hill Avatar
    Shanetta H.
  • Always a great experience, they help me keep doing what I love to do. Thanks!

    Micheal Walling Avatar
    Micheal W.
  • The experience was mind blowing, the massage was better than any massage I ever had. My pain was relieved immediately after the treatment. His knowledge of what was going on was very impressive. I will be a life long client and will keep coming back.

    Carol Andrews Avatar
    Carol A.
  • Angel and the N Balance staff are exceptional. As a local physician, it is rare to find a facility who is willing to work side-by-side with a provider with patients suffering from personal injuries. Angel always take my call(s) to discuss treatments and patient's progression so we can maximize their recovery. I highly recommend N Balance Medical Massage Therapy.

    Michael Coss Avatar
    Michael C.
  • Alexis Church Avatar
    Alexis C.
  • After years of lower back pain I decided to give medical massage a try and I'm not kidding when I say the therapists at N Balance have changed my life. The team is warm, very professional, attentive and extremely knowledgeable in their field. They have not only gotten rid of my pain but also educated me on the importance of stretching and have shown me how to do a number of stretches at home to help alleviate pain in-between visits. I highly recommend going to see the team at N Balance Medical Massage Therapy!

    Jennifer Shepherd Avatar
    Jennifer S.
  • N Balance is not only remarkable in their knowledge, consistency, and extraordinary quality of care, but they continue to provide medical massage therapy that transcends any other in their field. After every massage at N Balance I leave feeling the way I thought a massage should feel, but no spa ever had these incredible results. My body feels light and free for several days after sessions.

    Benjamin Hall Avatar
    Benjamin H.

Caring for Your Health

How we are keeping our clients and staff safe

During this time of COVID, NBalance is taking extra steps to protect the health of our clients and staff. Here are actions we take daily:

  1. Masks required if not fully vaccinated.
  2. Screening and temperature checks on every therapist and client, every day.
  3. Extra time scheduled between sessions to allow for extra cleaning
  4. Safety in “Lower” numbers. Our clinic is relatively small which reduces your risk of exposure.
  5. We are no longer screening clients, but we are taking temperatures of all clients upon entering.

We treat every client with care, applying the highest standards of …

Customer Service

We treat every client with care, applying our highest standards of  professional medical massage therapy to assure the best outcomes. Each N Balance client receives a thorough assessment and customized treatment plan to assure the best outcome. Our techniques and tools are selected to minimize discomfort and make your treatment enjoyable and successful.

Certified Expertise

We are a team of certified massage therapists with additional training and certifications in a multitude of medical massage techniques, including neuromuscular therapy, cupping, SASTM, and Myofascial Release. With over 40 years of combined experience, our State Licensed massage therapists are able to provide exceptional care to individuals of all ages, health and activity levels.

Comprehensive Medical Massage Therapy
Built on Experience and Service